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How We Do

Technolsoft is a product development and offshore software outsourcing firm in Singapore and Myanmar with some experiences. We offers end to end solutions, from concept to product, and support, helping clients achieve their business goals.

Waterfall or Spiral?

We offers both methodologies for your needs.

Waterfall methodology: A classic delivery model which includes the fixed scope and fixed budget within a specific time frame. For the kind of products and applications, we offers the development service per project as well as per head count of a month.

Spiral methodology: Popular model which don't have fixed scope and fixed budget and time for your product. We use Agile Scrum method to help you for that kind of projects and offers our head count of a month service.

Waterfall Model Diagram
Waterfall Model Diagram
Waterfall Model
Agile: Scrum Methodology

Shared or Dedicated Team Member?

Both plans are available in our services.

Even there is the shared team member service, each team members need to report to their related Project Manager. Each team has own Module Lead and Team Lead and they liase with our dedicated person of client.

Project Management Methodologies

  • Waterfall
  • Agile

Project Status

At every morning, all teams has 15 minutes Stand-up meeting and project status is informed to client by each project manager. Every Thursday is the delivery day and Every Friday is the retrospective day within each team.

Team Structures

  • Project Manager: We offers two types of PM; Shared or Dedicated PM. Our shared PM liased with clients to report the project status for assigned projects. Dedicated PM is for a proposed project of a client. For the up to 5 team members projects, we provide shared PM. For the project which includes at least 10 team members, we provide dedicated PM for the clients.
  • Team Leader: He/She capable of understanding and solving complex business problems and will ensure that the project is aligned with the expectations. We provides only one team lead for the teams which includes at least 7 team members. For the 3 person sized team, our shared team leader handles the small teams. They report to Project Manager and sometimes to clients.
  • Senior Developer: Our Senior Developers are responsibility for building core and complicated tasks and modules. They helps to solve the Developers' difficulties.
  • Developer: They develop and deliver high-quality software according to the detailed requirements. They liased with Senior Developer, Team Leader and Project Manager.
Waterfall Model Diagram
Waterfall Model Diagram

After Sales Services

  • User Acceptance Test (UAT) with test scripts, test reports and bug reports are provided.
  • 3 months free service warranty after product was launched. After the warranty period, all bug fixes, enhancements, new features are assumed as charged services.
  • Issue Response Times
    • Showstopper Issue: Phone call/email and within 3 hours
    • Critical Issue: Phone call/email and within 1 day response time
    • Major Issue: email and within 2 days response times
    • Minor Issue: email and agreeable time

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